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Back on track

Hi everyone ! I hope you are all doing well. It has been a long time, I haven’t been showing up here. I had to face a dilemma I wished I could avoid : choose between my blog and my studies. For some people, this choice can be obvious. It was absolutely not my case. My blog… Read More Back on track


Daily make-up

Hello everyone! How are you ? Here, days are completely full, as usual. This week I wanted to do a beauty article, more on a tutorial format because it has been a long time I didn’t one and I like it. Tell me in the comments if you like that type of article and I will… Read More Daily make-up


Blue Make-Up

My really first « creative » make-up. With cold colours to change my habits and get out of my confort zone. And, honestly, I had so much fun ! I loved playing around with the different shades and textures. I loved it so much that I am looking forward to doing it again. It has been a long… Read More Blue Make-Up