2 looks, 1 palette ~ New Nude Huda Beauty

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to show you today a new make-up article. And more specifically on the beautiful New Nude palette from Huda Beauty. If you love make-up and your active on Instagram you can’t have missed it.

It was extremely famous on social media and I didn’t want to make the 500th review about it. Instead, I preferred to propose 2 different pink looks!

Pink Nude

1. After doing my foundation and applying some concealer on my eyelids, I shape my crease with Secret, blending it to have an even result.

2. Then I take Tickle to intensify the crease, without recovering completely Secret.

3. Afterwards, I take DayDream with my finger and put on my mobile eyelid. Don’t even try to take the shade with a brush, you won’t have a result as clean and precise as with the finger !

4. Next, I take Secret again with more precise brush to do my under lashes.

5. Finally, with a flat brush, I take Crave to highlight my internal corner and my brow bone. Some mascara and there we are !

Glam’ Pink

1. For this look, I begin to work my crease with Tickle.

2. To intensify it, I take Spanked with a more compact brush to have more precision.

3. With a little round brush, I take Raw to give more depth to the look and give it a V-shape.

4. Then, I take Kinky with my finger on my mobile eyelid. Then I apply some concealer in the middle of my mobile eyelid. When it is dry, I take Fantasy with my finger and cover the concealer.

5. For my under lashes, I take Tickle that I apply from the external corner to the external. Then with a Zoeva 226 brush, I press Spanked on the external corner.

6. Finally, with Crave I highlight my internal corner and my brow bone. Some mascara and the whole look is complete !

I hope that you liked these looks and don’t hesitate to tell me if you want more article like this one 🙂

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