What’s in my bag

I always thought that we could learn a lot from a person by looking at his/her bag’s content. I put inside everyday objects whose I can’t do without, like a second house that follows me everywhere. I try to change from time to time between handbag and backpack, but the content generally remains the same.… Read More What’s in my bag


Fresh summer desserts

Hello guys ! Today I want to share with you my favourite summer desserts recipes. Light, easy and fast to make, let’s go to one of my favourite place : (healthy) Gluttony ! Apricot-peach-nectarine Crumble For a 18×30 cm mould 12 small apricots 2 nectarines 3 peaches Lemon juice 80 gr flour 70 gr brown sugar 70 gr… Read More Fresh summer desserts

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How to deal with spring fatigue?

I have to confess, spring isn’t my favourite season, I’m more like an autumn girl. Usually, I feel tired and more sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. I collected a few tips and habits that help to get through that kind of roller coaster 😉 Here they are !