Take time for yourself

After summer holidays, we tend to dive in our life duties and activities straight to December. And frequently, we forget about take care of ourselves, to take our time and we end up completely exhausted. Even if summer holidays are not that far away, it is very important to plan some breaks, even small ones… Read More Take time for yourself


What’s in my bag

I always thought that we could learn a lot from a person by looking at his/her bag’s content. I put inside everyday objects whose I can’t do without, like a second house that follows me everywhere. I try to change from time to time between handbag and backpack, but the content generally remains the same.… Read More What’s in my bag


Fresh summer desserts

Hello guys ! Today I want to share with you my favourite summer desserts recipes. Light, easy and fast to make, let’s go to one of my favourite place : (healthy) Gluttony ! Apricot-peach-nectarine Crumble For a 18×30 cm mould 12 small apricots 2 nectarines 3 peaches Lemon juice 80 gr flour 70 gr brown sugar 70 gr… Read More Fresh summer desserts

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How to deal with spring fatigue?

I have to confess, spring isn’t my favourite season, I’m more like an autumn girl. Usually, I feel tired and more sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. I collected a few tips and habits that help to get through that kind of roller coaster 😉 Here they are !