Christmas’ presents ideas and others tips

Hi everyone !

Now it’s official, there are less than 20 days left before Christmas. I’m so excited ! It’s my favourite time of the year : I love the music, the mood, the decorations, the euphoria that we can feel around. But the moment that I’m really looking forward to is when my loved ones open the presents I prepared for them.

What are you going to offer this year ? So many people hate this question. Usually, we don’t know what to give, so we postpone, we buy something last-minute and 3 days after Christmas we realise : Oh ! I should have bought this instead !!

This year, I want to share with you the presents’ ideas that always please (me) but also my pieces of advice to find THE present for each of your relatives.


Tip 1

Ask yourself the right questions. What are the words coming to your mind when you think about this person ? Does he/she like sport ? Reading ? Cooking ? Is he/she creative or rather pragmatic ? Does he/she need something ? Will this present be useful ? Will it make him/her smile ? Or will it move him/her ? These are some key questions that can help you to find the right gift.

Tip 2

Do not neglect Christmas markets ! Besides their warming and magical atmosphere, they are a great opportunity to meet craftsmen/women and local producers who will offer innovative and unique creations. How many times did I face that kind of object, speaking for myself : this one is made for him/her ! It would be a shame to miss a crush.


My Christmas presents’ ideas

A book

According to me, a book is one of the most beautiful present you can ever give to someone. A book, no matter its category, brings always something, even something small. When you give a book, you don’t only offer a story on sheets of paper. You relay a culture, a consideration, an fantastic world ; you offer emotions. I love to give books that made me laugh, cry or even get scared ! When I give book, I like to think that I offer the emotion I felt at the same time.

A candle

I’m a HUGE candle addict and especially in winter. I always have some burning in my house. The one on the picture comes from Light and Bubble which creates handcrafted candles with imaginative scents in Gland (I’m not sure I can be more local…). I also really like Kaptus candles, with a special mention to the one which smells like peach !

A bonnet

It’s winter, it’s cold and they are cute. Anything else ? I don’t think so. Also works for scarfs !

A customized calendar

I love this idea. I began creating them a few years ago, in the form of a wall calendar for my mother, a desk calendar for my father and a diary for me. I love the idea that a memory will spend a new month with us. We can create that type of calendar online on sites like Ifolor or Photobox. You can choose the calendar type you like and upload the pictures you want to use. Then you put it where you want them to appear and it’s done ! My family liked them so much that we kept them and now use them as photo album !

I hope this article helped you ! Tell me in the comments what you are going to give to your loved one for Christmas, I would be happy to know 🙂

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