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Hello everyone! How are you ? Here, days are completely full, as usual. This week I wanted to do a beauty article, more on a tutorial format because it has been a long time I didn’t one and I like it. Tell me in the comments if you like that type of article and I will do more of them !

Today I want to share with you my make-up of the moment, the one I do everyday because it’s easy, quick to do and it gives life back to my face !

After my usual skincare routine, I apply my Dior Backstage foundaation in 0CR with a beautyblender on all my face and neck. I really like this foundation because, in addition to the diversity of the shades, it is light on the skin and I don’t feel it.

Then, I take the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’R concealer that I put on my dark circles, imperfections and eyelids – yes I am sometimes lazy too and it is quicker than using a primer. It is more covering than all the concealer I tested and, honnestly, I does the job.

I powdered my face with my Flour Powder from Beauty Bakerie. If you only had one product to buy at the end of this article, it should be this one. It’s a translucid powder, very fine, it fixes the make-up and mats it. I use it everyday.

No surprise with the brows : I use the Goof Proof from Benefit, the same for years.

Next, I take one of my favourite palette for everyday : the Cherry My Chéri from L’Oréal, the one I told you about a thousand times and that I still love.

I start by taking a light cold brown as a transition colour. I keep going with a darker brown and work my crease to add definition and precision to my look. Then, I take the gold with my finger and put it on my mobile eyelid. I blurry the sides to have a melted effect between the gold and the dark brown.

For my lower eyelash, I first retake the light brown and apply it on the whole length. Then, with a more precise brush, I take the dark brown and press only on the external corner to create a bond between the lower and upper side of the eye.

Then I add some light with the lightest shades in my inner corner and under my brow line.

I place a little touch of colour with a blush I have for years coming from a collaboration between Estée Lauder and Michael Kors. I mix the three colours and put it on my cheeks.

No question to go out without mascara so I use the Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara Daring Black (it better works with that name !). Quite effective, I’m still testing it. I will tell you more about it when my advice will be complete. And I’m ready!

Now I have a little question for you…


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