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Double F&F 100% Marc Jacobs!

Today is Special Edition dedicated to Marck Jacobs with two of their products.

This year, it has been difficult to ignore Marc Jacobs Beauty new products. They are overruning Instagram bloggers accounts and Youtube channels. But who are they? Are they worth the marketing? Let’s look closer.

Coconut Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette

+ :

  • Mix of mat, shiny, shimmer, satin and more. They last the whole day! (even without fix spray!).
  • The shades are very easy to work with and to blend. Perfect when I don’t have time in the morning and that I have to go quickly working!
  • My favourite summer palette for a long-lasting nude make-up!

– :

  • Shades are so good, it’s too bad that there are only 7 shades

Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick – One Mauve Time & Mocha Choco Lata

+ :

  • The BEST lip gloss ever! Why ? Its texture. Warning! Everyone who doesn’t like lip gloss (just like me) should buy this one! Its hydrating formula, it is not greasy or patchy but very confortable to wear!
  • Colour diversity: there’s something for everybody!
  • Pigmentation: you can’t miss it watching the swatches! Very impressive for a lip gloss!

– :

  • Only dowsnside: the packaging. When you try to rotate the stick to bring out the substance, you can’t go backwards. Too bad.

According to me, Marc Jacobs Beauty is 2018 summer brand. I didn’t have the opportunity to try all the new products but I absolutely do not regret my purchases and I recommend them at 200% given their incredible quality and reliability!

And you? What are you favourite make-up products at the moment?

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