Empty products: do I repurchase or not?

As a serial tester, I regularly finish different products. And I thought it would be nice to share with you the one I loved, that I will repurchase and the other I didn’t like that I won’t repurchase again. Self-care, hair, make-up, there is everything in this list. Let’s start !

Délices de fruits jaunes exfoliator ~ Melvita

I purchase again.

As you may know, autumn is my favourite season. And this scrub litterally smells autumn ! Apple, quince and hazelnut, it’s happiness under the shower. And it’s not over ! It has other advantages : the grains are soft and don’t irritate the skin. The hazelnut enables a gentle exfoliation. And finally, huge bonus, Melvita’s products are organic !

Coco Cream ~ Hello Body

I don’t repurchase.

I had heard so much of Hello Body brand : all their cruelty-free and natural products made me wishing them. All of them smell coconut. It’s not my favourite fragrance but I decided to take the risk. I ordered several items, including the Coco Cream. Concerning the smell, even if it is very present, it is not that heady.

The cream is known for skin’s moisturization and regenaration. It’s true. When you apply it. After few hours, the moisturization’s feeling disappears progressively. If you put it at night, the next morning I feel hydrated as little as when I came out of the shower. I am a little bit disappointed by the Coco Cream despite my love for other items of the brand.

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter ~ Body Shop

I repurchase !

I love everything in this body butter. First of all, it smells like even. It smells fresh, clean and soft plants. I was suprised by its hydratation power. I had quite bad memories of Body Shop’s products for body hydratation. I remembered heady fragrances and superficial hydratation. With this one, you can go blindly !

Dry shampoo oat milk ~ Klorane

I repurchase.

Best innovation of this century : the dry shampoo ! Klorane’s are my favourite since years because they are very soft. This one has something more. It corresponds to chesnut and brown hair, which means that it doesn’t leave white traces on the head (ugh !). I love it and I always rebuy it as soon as it is empty.

The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black ~ Maybelline New-York

I repurchase but not immediately.

When I bought this mascara, under the advice of a friend, I was delighted. And very proud of my lashes ! They were longer, separated, perfect. When it came to an end, I bought the Volum’Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara Daring Black (could they create a longer name ?!). Finally, I like both, they fit me well. I can only advise you to try them. It is quite difficult to do a mistake with Maybelline mascaras and you can bet I will try them all until I find my favourite !

And you? What products did you finish and you are sure about buying them again?

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