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Fall Favourites

Here they are ! My fav’ Fall products ! Make-up, self-care, random, there will be something for every taste. Let’s go !


Cranberry Fizz ~ Lush

It isn’t the first lip scrub that I’m testing and especially from Lush. But it is undoubtedly my favourite ! Why ? It tastes like acid candy and I have to refrain myself from finishing the whole pot (oups !).

Cinders ~ Lush

Still in my Lush’s collection, this kind of strange soap is a solid shower gel. Yes, solid shower gel. It is as hydrating as shower gel but in a solid format. Why do I like it ? Because it is more moisturizing than a usual soap (the composition is cleaner than a usual shower gel) but mainly because it smells like Christmas Heaven ! Really ! It smells spices, cinnamon, ginger, ginger bread. In short, if Christmas had only one smell, it would be this one and I’ve been using it constantly for 3 weeks.

Flashpatch ~ Patchology

Flashpatch Restoring Night Eye Gels from Patchology are a true help these times. Winter is now here, exams’ stress and Christmas’ season craziness are on their way and it is clearly visible on my face. These gel patch are refreshing and relieving my eyes when I need it. No matter if I use it in my Sunday night routine or if waking up has been difficult, these patches give life back to my face in only 5 minutes and ease the make-up.


Palette Cherry My Chéri ~ L’Oréal Paris

I bought this palette at the end of summer and, since then, I use it almost every day. I do my « go-to » make-up with it. It is a pretty and convenient palette and the shades are pigmented and modular. The colours’ variety enables to create a bright and luminous summer look as well as something more adapted to autumn thanks to the hazelnut and plump shades.

Big crush on mat shades that are very pigmented and enable really to define precisely the make-up.

Velvet Teddy ~ MAC Cosmetics

I’ve been regularly using this pretty nude from MAC. It is not drying my lips and it adapts perfectly to my complexion. It has matte finish and it is also integral part of my go-to make-up.


Soft Blanket ~ Yankee Candle

This candle burns in my room from the beginning of October and it still not finished ! It smells sweetness and cleanliness. Its name is perfect because as soons as it burns, it seems like you are irremediably attracted by your couch and a soft blanket. The atmosphere is comfy and cosy and you just don’t want to move anymore !

I hope you liked this selection and don’t hesitate to tell me if you like that kind of articles 🙂

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