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F&F Crown Brush

Hello everyone ! Today I’m happy to show you a palette I bought several months ago but that I like to use in fall and in winter. It is the Tuscany Palette from Crown Brush that you can find at Cosmetics Obsession or on Crown Brush website. I actually almost never hear about this brand and I was really happyto discover it. But is the Tuscany worth it ?

+ :

  • The value for money is undoubtedly a HUGE advantage. We have 35 eyeshadows for 32CHF, meaning 90 cents per eyeshadow. Unlike a Too Faced palette that contains 16 eyeshadows for 4 CHF each. Don’t get me wrong, I love Too Faced and their products but it needs to have a higher budget.
  • The shimmer shades are creamy and easy to use with the fingers.
  • The 6 light shimmer shades to highlight under the arch of the eye brows and in the inner eye corner. 6 shades out of 35 is really a lot considering that some palettes don’t even contain one of such eyeshadow !!

– :

  • No mirror in a 35-shades palette. Why ?!!
  • There isn’t a lot of diversity between the mat shades. There are really cool purple shimmer shades, it would have been great to have some mats in that kind of colours.
  • It’s complicated to use more than 3 different shades, especially with the shimmer ones. The colours tend to mix and blend themselves during the day and when you want to remove the make-up you can see it is far less precise than when you created the look.

In a nutshell, I think it is a really beautiful palette because I can navigate around shades that I love and that fit my eyes colour. There are a lot of eye-shadows compared to the low price, even if mat shades lack a little bit of pigmentation. It’s a good investment when you want choice without getting bankrupt.

And you ? Have you already heard about this brand or palette ? Tell me in the comments what you think about it ! See you next week for a new article !

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