F&F Marc Jacobs See-quins

Hello everyone !

I’m so happy to share a new review with you today ! I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas parties and your time spent with your loved ones. Personally, I ate so much that one had to lift me up to my bed to help me digest the moutain of food that my mum cooked ! (it was delicious by the way).

Back to today’s subject. Today, I wanted to tell you about the perfect product for the Holiday season and especially for New Year’s Eve. They are the See-quins Glam Glitter from Marc Jacobs. Mine is the Gleam Girl one, a kind of light brown with rose gold tons, it’s beautiful !

What I like the most :

You can work the pigment in different ways. One can apply it with a flat brush to get a very intense result, perfect for a cut crease or a glitter liner. But one can also warm it with the finger to have a diffuse effect, for a monochrome eyelid for example !

The variety of the colours. Marc Jacobs offers 5 shades which enable to create different looks and adapt themselves to every complexion and eye colour.

What I like a little bit less :

The product doesn’t really have any disadvantage. One has just to remember that when we work with pigment, there will be drops. It is completely normal, it is due to the pigment intensity and the fact that they weren’t pressed (a « pressed » pigment « becomes » an eyeshadow).

To sum up, the See-quins, and more generally the pigments, are a Christmas Holidays’ essential. Personally, it’s one of the only opportunity in the year where I can wear glitter and I certainly won’t miss it !

With the pictures, I show you the make-up I imagined for the 24th of December.

Enjoy !

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