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F&F Warm Neutrals Volume 2 ~ Sigma Beauty

Autumn is now there ! My partner in crime is then this palette Warm Neutrals Volume 2 from Sigma. I already knew the brand for their brushes, that are very well known. It was a great opportunity to try out the eyeshadows!

I immediately fell in love with these warm colors, perfect for fall ! But what about quality ? Let’s start with the pros and cons of this palette !


  • Colours are just gorgeous ! Optimal for a fall look, regardless of the intensity of the make-up.
  • The palette is very complete. Mat eyeshadows to do a crease on the eyelid, light or dark according to the required intensity. Shimmery ones to do cut creases or highlight the internal corner of the eye.
  • My crushes ? Beaming and Bittersweet!
  • High quality pigmentation, very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills

  • I expected that eyeshadows were easier to use. If you really take the time to blend, it’s ok, but it’s not as easy as Anastasia Beverly Hills e.g.
  • Fool’s Gold is the most difficult to use. It is highly frustrating because it is very beautiful but you needs to use it with your finger (because of the glitter inside), to take a lot of substance (ending with more eyeshadows on your finger than on your eyelid) and it makes some falls.
  • 50 CHF for only 12 eyeshadows is quite expensive.

Personally, I absolutely do not regret my purchase, despite the price. Because eyeshadows are incredible, intense, vibrant and they totally correspond to the colours I love to play with. I’m very glad about it and I know I will use it the whole autumn and a lot this winter !

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