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Les Chalets de Philippe

Hello folks ! I hope you are doing well. At the current moment, I just came back from my little holidays at Chalets de Philippe in Chamonix. The place was so magical that I really wanted to share my stay in this particular location. Immersion.

After a long exams period, I knew that my boyfriend and I would need to relax and pause. What better way to flee in the mountains when the only neighbours are firs ? We immediately jumped in the car straight to Chamonix. There, our little chalet was waiting for us.

What one need to know about Les Chalets de Philippe is that they are built in the traditional way. The floor area is quite small but the building is high, 3 levels if you rent the whole chalet. Each of them has also a private jacuzzi in which we rushed as soon as we arrived !

After the bath, we came back in our room, whose 2 walls are glazed. It was such a bliss to watch the sunset through the trees from our bed. In addition to the breathtaking view, the calm that rules in this place makes it incredible.

Unfortunately, a general power failure happened in the late afternoon. However, we started a fire in our chimney and enjoyed the flames’ dance (and their heat because no electricity= no heating !) until we went to dinner. Around 8pm, we went to the main chalet to have dinner, not without admiring the illuminated chalets (which was our only consolation and apology for the power failure…).

The Chef Léon Guy prepared delicious plates where textures and flavours where perfectly balanced, the proportions a little bit less. Indeed after two amuse-bouche and one starter, the main course seemed a little bit generous. It should be noted that the guest share their meals around the same huge table in the main chalet, which can be warm and friendly but also suprising. Otherwise they can have dinner/breakfast in their own chalet.

Finally, we returned to our chalet where I spent one of the most repairing night of my life. In the morning, awake with the morning light, our breakfast was waiting for us. Despite the fact that the staff asked AND noted what we wanted for breakfast, only half of our desires was respected.

Determined to have a great day, we left the hotel to have a walk from Les Tines, that lasted about one hour. Then, we lunched and began our trip back home, relaxed and happy.

Despite the small annoyances we faced during our stay, the atmosphere and the environment of Les Chalets de Philippe made us have a sweet and unforgettable moment.

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