My 2019 NON-resolutions

Hello everyone ! First, I would like to wish to all of you a wonderful new Year, full of joy, love and health. I wish to see your dreams becoming true and your projects becoming real. To help you to go through this period, I give my list of NON-resolutions, meaning the resolutions I will NOT take.

Start a diet/lose weight

It might one of the most famous « good resolutions » that we can hear about in January. We think we want to lose X kilos before summer, we keep going 3 days eating soups and we finish pigging out all the Christmas chocolate, cheese (…). I refuse to enter in this vicious circle. I don’t want to stare at my scale which can’t stop taunting me ! Instead, I’m going to (re)learn to listen to my body, to eat only when I’m hungry with the quantities that fit me. We are far from the diet, to me it’s more like a (healthier) change in my daily habits.

Watch less series

No thanks !

Stop grumbling

I love grumbling. Grumbling makes me feel good ! I can express myself, I release verbally the daily annoyances. Stopping it is out of question ! It’s my therapy.

Sleep more

It’s still a dream 😉

Try to please everyone

It’s very admirable wanting to have a try. But it’s impossible, unless to do it at the expense of your own well-being, your own wishes, even your health. And this situation should never be considered.

Set unreachable goals

What I hate the most with good resolutions is that we are so much willing to do our best that we do too much : we want to run a marathon, travel Asia backpacking, become a cooking expert, learn Russian and read book each week , everything in one year. STOP ! Instead of trying to list good resolutions, why not writing on a piece of paper 3 personal desires and 3 professional desires, keeping it simple. For example, try a new cooking recipe each month or planning a weekend abroad with someone you like. Remember, keeping it simple often leads to better memories than biting more than you can chew.

Happy New Year 2019!

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