My 4 anti-fatigue essentials

Hello guys ! I hope that you are well. I am almost at the end of my exams session and I’m looking forward to seeing the end ! This period is always so intense, way too long and I am always so exhausted that I need a few days to be back on track. When I talk about it to friends and family, all are telling me that the beginning of the new year is quite tough. And I don’t even mention all the viruses and other influenza that are so easy to catch.

To overcome this fatigue during hard times, when you really feel it and you know that it may last, I implemented some tips that help me keep going, that relieved me on short term. Of course, nothing replaces good nights of sleep and healthy practices. What I show you is some tricks to help you to ease your days and bring some relaxation and recreation during stressful times.

Have a relaxing bath

It’s one of my favourite tip. Having a bath and forget about everything as soon as you dive into the hot water. Even if I love to use the Lush bath bombs, when I’m really tired and tensed, I put some drops of Bain relaxant Lavande from Weleda in my bath. Lavender has calming virtues, coupled with warm water, all my muscles relax and I get out of the bath completely soothed.

Cornflower water ~ Kart

I spend a lot of time in front of screens, particularly the one of my computer. After working/studying the whole day, my eyes are tired and irritated. Then I soak a cotton pad with cornflower water that I put on my eye like a cataplasm. Next, I take the other side of the cotton and I put it on my second eye. They deflate and sooth the red eyes. My mother used this tip on my eyes when they were irritated.

Restoring Night Eye Gel ~ Patchology

As a complement I use these patch that deflate the shadows under my eyes. I leave for 20 to 30 minutes, more if I can. I feel immediately better and rested.

Have a break

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one, it just to be efficient. By efficient, I mean that the break should really happen : if you work in an office, go into another room, outside if necessary, if you are studying get rid of what reminds you of the studies. The important thing is that you shouldn’t be surrounded by something that could remind you of the work or the studies. Finally, I take some time to lay on my couch, covered by a big plaid, my favourite tea in my hands. I often watch my favourite TV show of the moment or I dive into a fascinating book. I try to favor this option to let my eyes rest even if it is hard to resist at a good show, where I have to focus less than with a book.

I hope that these few tips helped you and I would be very glad to know what you do when you are very tired but can’t always have a nap. I wish you a happy end of the week and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week for a new article.

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