My 5 favourite series

I love series. I watch lots of them, no matter the subjects. They are really part of my daily life. I can focus on the show or just listen to it while I get ready or when I cook. My courses at university necessitate a lot of reading every day. So, when I finish studying, I don’t really want to read again (even if I love reading while on holidays !). Then, I’m always looking for new series that will refresh my ideas when I I have a hard day or that I feel angry, sad, stressed or anxious. The show will help me to relax and even to get asleep calmly (well… depends on the shows !).


My favourite TV show ever. I know all episodes by heart since I watched each of them at least 10 times.

Scenario : we follow a bunch of 6 friends in their daily life. Friendship, love, betrayals, job searching, holidays, pregnancy. They experience a lots of life steps together, in a funny and tender way.

Why I love it: I particularly love the « 20 minutes » format. It’s a great break between 2 revisions 😉 Dialogues are quite well written, I always laugh a lot. The authors raise various daily life themes. We quickly identify ourselves to the characters that are so charming ! The show is iconic and we don’t ask why !



My mum showed me this show a few years ago and highly recommended it to me.

Scenario : we watch the election and then the daily life of the first woman being the Prime Minister of Denmark. Mum and Chief of Denmark, Birgitte Nyborg has also to deal with political complots that aim to harm a reputation and legitimacy.

Why I love it : between political complots and family life, we see how much media ha a strong influence on people and their political opinions, how they can create or destroy a reputation. A really passionating, well written show where we don’t see an explosion each ten minutes. Bonus ? Sidse Babett Knudsen has a fantastic charisma of which we never get bored !


Grace & Frankie

A show created notably (but not only) by Marta Kaufmann who co-created Friends. Do I really need to add an other argument ? Oh yes. Jane Fonda. Nothing more to declare.

Scenario: Grace et Frankie are 70 years old and do not get along very well. They are related for only one reason, their husband are lawyers and partners for 20 years. Everything changes when their husbands tell them that they want to break up with them and that they planned to get married together.

Why I love it: the daily life of 2 septuagenerians, crazy, fundamentally different but living together. They share the same pain of women who were ditched and are affraid to finish their life alone. They have funny obsessions, habits and eccentric ideas (that work anyway !). I laug ALL THE TIME ! They are very funny but also very moving and likeable. I’m only 23 but I feel very close to these women and to the principles they fight for. I highly recommend this serie !


A french crime serie made famous by Odile Vuillemin.

Scenario : Chloé Saint-Laurent is an unequalled profiler and helps the police in Paris. With her difficult past, her extreme sensitivity, her sincerity and her eccentric looks , her partner, Commandant Rocher, doesn’t have time to get bored !

Why I love it: she is sweet, funny, likeable and her deductions don’t come from nowhere. She observes carefully the crime scenes and all of her remarks are based on what she saw coupled with psychology theories. Scenarios are extremely well written and, I must admit, quite twisted. Sometimes, I had to watch the episodes in the afternoon, to make sure I would still have day light when the episode would end…



It is THE new famous/trendy Netflix show. Decryption.

Scenario : 3 high-school students receive scholarships to go studying in Las Encinas, a very selective and renowned high school. We attend to a « cultural choc » between the rich elite and the lowest classes of society. Love, betrayal, sex, theft, bribery and even murder are on the programme !

Why I love it: the show tackles topics that we don’t see very often such as AIDS virus, the unrestrained sexuality of young people, offender reintegration, homosexuality when you are raised in a muslim family or elitism. It’s a captivating show with complex and touching characters.

And you ? What are your favourite shows ? Which one would you recommend ?

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