Nail polish: Winter Selection!

Hello everyone ! I hope that you are all doing well. I am super happy to share this article with you today because it is the Winter Edition of your favourite article from last year ! It’s one of the content you loved the most : my favourite nail polishes selection. There are colours that I love to wear and I change regularly. Let’s go discover them !

Everyday Touch ~ Sananas Beauty

Okay, I must confess, I’ve been a marketing victim this time. When Sananas (beauty Youtuber) launched her cosmetics brand, nail polishes included, I maybe ran on them… And honestly I don’t regret my purchase for 3 reasons :

  1. The colour is perfect, it is really the nail polish you can wear everyday (as the name says !)
  2. The colour is opaque. I bought so many light nail polishes that I had to apply 3 times to have no transparency. No problem here.
  3. The brush. It is ideal for the application. It is similar to the Maybelline’s that are my favourite. Love it !

Angora Cardi ~ Essie

A nice plum shade that brings some sweetness in this world of heavies. One of the rare colour-colour that I wear on my nails in Winter.

Moka Chic ~ L’Oréal Paris

A taupe nude like we always like it. Very convenient when you don’t know what to wear and you want to keep it soft and discreet.

Burgundy Kiss ColorShow ~ Maybelline

As I was saying, I love Maybelline brushes, particularly the ColorShow’s that are, for me, the best ones to help application. The Burgundy Kiss is opaque, the colour is beautifully dark and it lasts quite long. Dark burgundy is a timeless winter essential !

Blackout Colorshow ~ Maybelline

No Winter without black. It’s THE colour that I love to wear. It is so elegant, so chic, you can never mistake with black. It can even give a « rock » side to the look, we love it !

I hope you liked this selection, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments what YOU like to wear in winter ! Meanwhile I wish you a beautiful week and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week for new adventures !

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