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Natural Face Palette

If you are a make-up lover and active on social media, you can’t have missed the very awaited release of Too Faced Natural Collection! I fell in love with the Natural Face Palette. But I was still wondering: is it worth all this surrounding hype? Is it as incredible as it seems to be? Close up.



  • The packaging is insane! Warning to collectors: you need it!
  • Pigmentation is incredible and the make-up stays all day long!
  • It has coconut scent… In other words: your face smells like summer !
  • Matte and shiny teams are both satisfied as there is one of each between the blushes and the bronzers



  • Not for beginners. Surprisingly, I thought it would be easier to use it because Too Faced eyes’ products are quite simple to start with. Anyway, the shades are not that complicated to use when you have the appropriate technique and tools.
  • Bronzers and highlighters are not appropriate to all complexions… Have a try in a shop before buying it !
  • The price is medium-high (46.5€) but it is still less than the Blush Bar palette from Benefit (59.99€) which has only 5 shades…

To sum up, if you are beginning with bronzers, my advice would to buy one individually to learn how it is functioning and then, buy the palette to have fun with colours and intensity.

Personally, I am super glad to have it in my collection because it is an excellent palette to play with and it enables a glowy and very refreshing make-up!

2 thoughts on “Natural Face Palette

  1. I love too faced stuff but I’ve never owned any! I’m just not a makeup addict. Maybe this summer I’ll pick up some of their products. The packaging is what really draws me in

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Have a try and don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought about it! Packaging are often quite appealing 😉

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