Take time for yourself

After summer holidays, we tend to dive in our life duties and activities straight to December. And frequently, we forget about take care of ourselves, to take our time and we end up completely exhausted. Even if summer holidays are not that far away, it is very important to plan some breaks, even small ones in order to take time to refocus on oneself and enjoy the present moment.

Last week-end, my boyfriend took me to Morges, just to escape for 2 days. We relaxed together, seizing the moment without being disturbed by stress or any routine concern. Fleeing to a place where you can completely forget about your daily is truly beneficial. It is not necessary to go far, it just have to be different from what you live everyday.

Apart from dinner time, I didn’t put make-up the whole week-end. I love giving my skin some free time without any make-up on. It enables the skin to breath and to have a « detox time » 2 days a week, usually on week-ends. Speaking of detox, after a well-desserved hammam session, I spent some time reading on the terrace. Then it was time for a drink !

If you don’t have time or opportunity to leave home for a week-end, here are some of my tips that I can give you to relax at home :

  • Have a bath. It’s THE solution, my favourite one, the whole year. There is nothing like relaxing in a warmed perfumed bath. Afterwards, I always feel ready to face anything !
  • With a huge mug of tea in my hand, I read, listen to music or I simply daydream. Avoid screens as much as possible.
  • Focus on only one of these 3 activities. Let your brain rest and don’t try to do 2 or 3 things at the same time ! The goal is to loosen up and release you brain for a few hours.
  • Go for a walk in the forest. Forest always relaxed me. A one-hour walk under the trees, hearing the leaves cracking under my shoes always calmed me down. People living in the city will even better understand me !
  • Sleep. It can be obvious but we don’t think about it often enough. We think it’s a lack of time, that we have something better to do. Big mistake ! Sleep is vital for health ! A body that doesn’t sleep enough is ineffective, with skin, weight, concentration issues and many more. If you want more information on the topic, Sleep Smarter is a very complete book by Shawn Stevenson.

And you ? What are your favourite relaxing moment ? Tell me in the comments, I would be glad to know them !

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