Winning trio! – Starring Caudalie

Have you ever experienced dull complexion, dark circles or dilated pores ? Yes ? Great, me too ! Since a few months, I tried a purifying and refreshing routine with 3 Caudalie products that are just perfect.

  • Gentle Buffing Cream

My skin can be quite sensitive, so I have to pay attention to the scrubs I use on my face. If the grains are too big, I know the scrub is going to be too agressive for my skin and will make it even more sensitive. The Gentle buffing cream’s grains are small and soft but clean and deeply exfoliate. I use it twice a week and my skin always says « Thank you » !

Then, I switch between 2 masks depending on my skin’s needs.

  • Instant Detox Mask

As it is made with pink clay, I use it to get rid of impurities and tighten my pores. I use it when my skin was highly exposed to car pollution (after a long week e.g.), when blackheads appear or when you can see my pores from the moon (!). For me, it is a typical Sunday-routine-product !

  • Purifying Mask

This one is composed with white clay, I pounce on it when my skin is becoming oily, which can happen when I allow myself too many guilty pleasure – chocolate, here I come ! – or when my hormones decide to do their job. To avoid this (hated) shiny effect, the Purifying Mask is ideal because it deeply cleans the skin and leave a mat effect.

The combination of these 3 products fits perfectly my mixed skin which is clearer and brighter. And you, what are you favourite detox life-savers ?

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