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How to deal with spring fatigue?

I have to confess, spring isn’t my favourite season, I’m more like an autumn girl. Usually, I feel tired and more sensitive to temperature and pressure changes. I collected a few tips and habits that help to get through that kind of roller coaster 😉 Here they are !

1. Get out

First and most important advice : go out. No matter the weather, the crucial action is to change the environment in which you are actually. It can turn out to be difficult to get out of the office during the day, make the effort to go out on Sunday whereas you just want to dive in your bed and never leave it But believe me, you will better and even more productive after a walk or a short break outside. In addition to the sun’s benefits, even though it is cloudy outside, you get the rays and the D-vitamin ! Change your living environment enables you to get some fresh air and clear your mind. I know I can face anything after taking a break and being refreshed.

 2. Plan projects

It can seem paradoxical but what can make spring’s volatility more pleasant is planning new things. I always love to dream and brainstorm about new projects and holidays. It makes me happy to plan my next trip, book my flight, my hotel and just tell myself : « In 3 weeks, I will discover a brand new place ! ». Looking forward to being on a beach with a drink in my hand or sitting at a café reading the last fancy book. Organizing events and projects gives me so much happiness and energy that I am ready to do boring (but necessary) tasks 😉

3. Fruit, fruit, fruit

There are plenty of energising foods. Here are the most useful to me:

  • Ginger: well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also known for its energising qualities. You can brew it in water with lemon or grate it in a soup. My favourite version ? Grated on papaya !
  • Citrus : orange, lemon, grapefruit… They are famous for their high C-vitamin content. Personally, I love to start my day with an orange juice ! You can also put ginger and lemon in hot water. Why ? Because it helps your body waking up and eliminating toxins.
  • Peppers : we often forget them but they contain C-vitamin, even more than citruses ! In a salad or in a ratatouille, you got the choice !
  • Melon/watermelon: sometimes, our fatigue comes from a lack of hydratation. Melon and watermelon contain water and sugar : perfect combo for a real boost !

I hope my few tips will help you! See you soon ☀️

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