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Organisation tips

Being well organise is a day-to-day challenge which requires some effort. Here are my 3 tips to be and stay organised !

1)  A diary matching your personality

I can’t live without diaries ! It contains everything I am going to do in the next weeks and shows me which spaces are available for free time. It could seem trivial but choosing a diary you like, personalised makes you wanting to use it. My diary is full of my own personal pictures. Each new week corresponds to a picture I took last year and is related to specific memories. Many websites like Ifolor or Photobox, offer that kind of personalization.


2) To-do lists

To do-lists are the core of my life. I use them on a daily basis and prevent many worries. As soon as I get a new idea, I write it down to keep it before it flies away ! (I know you know what I mean ;)). I start my day by writing a to-do list which helps me knowing what I have to do and how to work more efficiently, to prioritize my tasks. They can take any form ( ?) like post-its, notebooks, white or cork board, the choice is yours !


3) Big white board

When I have projects I want to implement, I always use a big white board. Usually, I draw in the center where I write the question or the name of my project. Then I build « branches » to define subcategories related to the cloud. In this way, it is easier to cut your project in smaller parts, that are easier to handle, rather than a huge project at once.


I hope my few tips helped. Don’t hesitate to tell what are yours!

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