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Soft Glam ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills

Our today guest is called Soft Glam !

Soft Glam Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills has everything we would expect for spring make-up : nude, pretty, elegant and totally glam ! I’m totally and definitively in love.

What you should know about it :

  • Eyeshadows are (very) powdery, so do not take a big quantity with your brush ! Just tap once on the colour and there you go !
  • Very easy to blend (if you followed the previous piece of advice ! 😉 )
  • Nude colours but always with the Anastasia Beverly Hills signature
  • Intense smoky or glamorous cut crease, everything is possible !
  • High quality pigmentation
  • + : it’s cruelty free !
  • : its price (49€/ ~57CHF)

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