Toasted Palette Review

Hi there !

Let me introduce you to our today guest : Toasted palette from Tarte Cosmestics ! Warm tones, 5 shiny and 7 mats eyeshadows. It is one of my day-to-day palette for many reasons.

2 in 1

The main one is that it enables 2 in 1 make-ups. You can start your day by a very discrete approach and when the night comes up, redesign your casual make-up into a intense smoky or a spicy cut crease.

! Drops!

Don’t forget tap your brush after taking the colour, because there might be drops, especially with the shiny eyeshadows. But I think it is worth the quality of the pigmentation. If we need powdery eyeshadows to have great pigmentation : let’s go !

More seriously, as an expert or beginner, this palette is very easy to use. You can blur the colours simply to have a smooth result. Final +: it’s cruelty free!

Now, my advice is : don’t be scared of chalky eyeshadows, they are easier to handle than we think ! Don’t wait if you want to have fun with a palette that you can use on a daily basis !

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